Monday, March 29, 2021

El Camino - The Way #41

Hey what gives there are only 40 days of Lent why are we up to Day #41?  When we talk about the 40 days of Lent - we do not include Sundays which are not included in that period or any special days. Lent is a penitential period within which - in fact - has 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.  Also partly due to confusion between the period of the Lenten fast and the liturgical 'season' or period of Lent  - Since Sunday is excluded in the week - only 6 of those week days are counted as Lenten days. so to that end - there will be a total of 48 posts to this Lenten series.  Confused - good - walking in a fog sometimes actually helps you see clearer once that fog is lifted.  If you are feeling like you are walking in a fog on your Lenten journey - join the club - you are not alone - it is a part of your experience that is special for you. Leave it up to Jesus to sort this out for you. 

Walking in fog - sometimes you just have to 

Once the fog disappears things become clearer -
like this plant whatever it is 

Road construction on the Camino - in our personal lives - everywhere 

Biking the Camino - not as easy as it looks

Lots of pilgrims ahead of us - lunch time 

Only 30 Km left 

Medieval drainage system 

Last small town before Santiago 

25 Km left 

Did it make a noise when it fell? 
Does God make a noise when he calls you? 

Stone stacking getting serious - 21 Km 

Remnant of old Medieval church 

20 Km enough walking for today 

Typical wash line at the albergues - everyone does wash daily 

Our second public/city owned albergue 

We were very close to Santiago at this point - the 100Km walkers are very numerous now - today was very fruitful - we walked about 23 kilometers - some uphill challenges but most was fairly flat. Clothes washed and hanging out to dry - changed into our dry clothes - looking for some afternoon refreshment - waiting for dinner - then time for reflection - more prayers -  bedtime.  Lights out at 22:00

Deacon Dale