Monday, March 22, 2021

El Camino - The Way #34

This morning we were greeted with fog - now in the Galicia region with a lot more green plants - more humidity which means our hiking clothes will be filled with perspiration very early in the day.  This albergue A Reboleira - one fo the best we stayed at - the evening community dinner made a big difference.  Often when we do even simple tasks - it's the simple things that make our experience even better - a simple Our Father - Hail Mary - can make a world of difference.

Our pilgrims from Australia getting their bike ready to leave 

Walking in the fog near the road - when our minds are in a fog - time to stop - rest

At this point seeing pilgrims ahead of us had become normal 
unlike all the previous days when we were alone 

And like that - more

Living on the edge - sitting on the ledge - yes big drop behind us 

As we walked up the mountain - we ended up inside the fog 

The Camino waymarks getting more frequent - many pilgrims place stones on top as prayers similar to lighting a candle - we left 500 Saint Gianna prayer cards as we walked

A down hill path hiding us from the hot sun 

And then we were back in the sun

Shade - but hard to see the rocks and tree stumps in the path 

Passing an 800 year old mill house

Made it to Triacastela  time to look for an albergue

Found it - time for a shower - dry clothes and you know what follows

Vino y Tapas

This was another shorter day - we are not in a rush - we allowed 7 weeks total and at this point we were ahead of the schedule because we jumped a few times mainly because of that blister on my foot that refused to heal.  Continuing our Lenten journey we still have about a week before Holy Week - so two weeks before Easter - still lots of time to make this Lent significant.

Deacon Dale