Wednesday, March 3, 2021

El Camino - The Way #15

Back on the trail - note our Camino angels at lower right walking ahead of us. Each morning begins with a prayer then - close by our albergue - a place to get our cafe con leche y tostada. When we first started - Arlene only wanted coffee which in Spain would be espresso - a small coffee maybe one ounce of liquid - I convinced her to get her coffee with more volume -  so cafe con leche - a latte - about 8 ounces along with toast.  It was very important that we consumed lots of liquid during the day. We were carrying about 2 liters of water in our back packs but whenever possible we stopped and had more coffee or a Coke.  She wanted diet and again I insisted that there was no nutritional benefit in a diet drink and had her drink the regular Coke.  Spending six to eight hours a day walking meant we needed lots of liquid to keep us hydrated as well as carbohydrates to fuel our muscles.  The bread in Spain was some of the best bread we ever ate - no preservatives - so breakfast - cafe con leche y tostada.  On the Camino we learned that there were two breakfasts - #1  the simple latte and toast - #2 more cafe con leche and perhaps eggs and more.  

The Back Yard of Spain 

The majority of pilgrims started so early in the morning - perhaps as soon as 5:00 AM - that no restaurants were open - only bars with the coffee and toast.  It wasn't until maybe 10:00 AM that full service restaurants opened.  The mornings were always cool so a hot drink to start the day - mandatory  as well as a light jacket for the first hour.  In Lent we always begin the day with some sort of breakfast and morning prayers. 

Country Chapel

On Camino our days filled with dozens of prayers - Rosary - Chaplets - intercessions for those back home - those in need.  In Lent - in addition to scheduled prayers - always open to stop and pray on a moments notice as we learn of other's needs. We are prayer warriors for all.

Lunch was available about noon and dinner only at 7:30 PM.  Many pilgrims including us - stopped walking around 4:00 PM to ensure that we could find a bed - shower - change into dry clothes - relax and wait for dinner time.  To fill that time waiting for dinner hour - some cerveza or vino.  We found on the Camino they had two choices of wine - vino tinto - vino blanco.  Added to the beer or wine - tapas - small servings of food items to hold us until dinner.

Slippery When Wet 

On the Camino path we discovered every type of terrain possible except for snow - in winter months even that is experienced.

Fresh Spring Water *Note Camino Shell

Keeping hydrated our number one concern - always selecting the large size drink when we found a place with food or drink.  Our personal water system in our back packs with a sippy tube - available to take frequent sips of water as we walked - freeing up our hands to use our trekking poles which we used about 90 percent of the time when walking. 

City of Logrono

Whenever we entered a larger village or city we were able to take advantage of amenities not available in the small places.  Walking on pavement - a break from rocky paths and eliminating the risk of twisting ankles. In these places we were able to see families out and about which was a break from the hours on the path when we were thee only people we could see. 

Pilgrim Statue

Logrono was our stopping place for this day. After showering and getting into dry clothes - time to do some sightseeing - some vino tinto y tapas before dinner. 

Vino Blanco y Cerveza y Tapas

A simple dinner at The Drunken Duck - a walk back to the albergue for another dormitory night of sleep 

Night View of Logrono Fountain 

Laying in our designated bunk - time to reflect on that day's events - time to say more prayers - pray for another good day tomorrow.  As we end this day of our Lenten journey - prayers of thanksgiving - asking blessings for whatever tomorrow will hold.  Jesus we trust in you. Amen.

Deacon Dale