Sunday, March 7, 2021

El Camino - The Way #19

Day #2 in Burgos - Our Swedish peregrinos getting ready to get the replacement battery badly needed so they can continue their pilgrimage - without their electric bicycles - walking the Camino not possible.  We left them here and wished them well - inspired by their can do attitude.  So often during Lent - roadblocks along the Lenten path - health - job issues - pop up that makes our spiritual journey difficult.  As long as these are only pauses - not a complete stop - we can always pick up where we left off - recharge our batteries - continue on.

Foldable Electric Bicycle 

Trying to minimize how much walking we did while healing in Burgos - still taking advantage of these rest days  - keeping our minds focused on pilgrimage.  Surprise - we came across this sightseeing train - took us all around Burgos - saved my feet from unnecessary walking. 

Choo Choo 

Another pilgrim sculpture in front of Cathedral

Very Large Pilgrims - In Spain Peregrinos Highly Regarded

Back On Our Feet 

El Cid 

W/C Water Closet - Public Toilet - Yes a Toilet

Heading Back to our hostel

Our second day - resting in Burgos - no kilometers walked today - walking in sandals - left hiking shoes at hostel - getting fresh air on our feet.  Spent a fair amount of time visiting the Cathedral - praying - always praying on Camino - always during Lent.

Deacon Dale