Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Steps

One of the great things about being a parent is watching your children grow from infants to toddlers and beyond. At every age there are accomplishments that a parent looks for to make sure their child is developing properly. One of these markers is progressing from crawling to baby's first steps which seems to very rapidly progress to running. You remember the day when you wondered if baby would ever learn to walk and then it seems that the next thing you are asking yourself is when will they slow down? It is funny and as you age yourself - you look back on those early memories of child development and just smile. 
Our growth as a spiritual person tends to follow a similar progress. At first we are filled with questions and hesitations. Are these facts really true and more importantly am I willing to accept them? If you learn these spiritual truths as a child - you accept them completely on face value because mom and dad told you they were true. No questions - no arguments. However as we mature we begin to question - to ask - to try to comprehend. Most young adults go through a period of questioning the faith they first accepted as children. Education does that to people - we are taught to seek and question - to challenge - to read and study - and in the process we are either drawn closer or away from those spiritual beliefs we so readily accepted as children. For some the journey to a final spiritual home is short - for others - the journey never ends. For those of us who only had to endure a brief time of wandering - we praise and thank God for that blessing. For those who are still searching - those who are growing by baby steps - tiny levels of acceptance - we offer our prayers that they will soon discover the Truth that is Jesus. The Truth that is Love - The Truth that goes beyond all understanding.

Deacon Dale