Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Superstitious? Then today must have been a nightmare for you - I mean what could be worse than having to live through an entire day of bad luck. How many mirrors did you break or how many black cats crossed your path? Did you forget and open an umbrella while inside and so on etc etc. Not all superstitions have to do with bad luck. Most are based on poor explanations of unusual occurrences.  Many come from old folk lore and from ages gone bye when our knowledge base was not as good as it is today.
To the uninformed many things like magic, miracles, prophecy, and religious philosophies are no more  than superstitions. Religions not practiced in the local area may appear to be based on weird or unlikely events. Christianity was once considered a cult based on superstition. When you think about it - believing that a man was killed and then rose from the dead - sounds very much out of the ordinary - and it is. So why is it that so many Christians exist and why do they profess belief in Jesus the man who died and rose? Testimony - eye witness accounts - and two thousand years of a miracle story that cannot be refuted - leaves one with only one answer - the story is true. In this Easter season when we continue our celebration of Jesus' victory over death and sin we do not hesitate - even on Friday the 13th - to put our faith firmly on our Lord and Savior.  He is Alive - Jesus Lives! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Deacon Dale