Thursday, April 19, 2012

Road Trip

When you get together with your friends and declare that it is time for a road trip - you are not talking about going on vacation or a quick run to the store for drinks and snacks. A road trip indicates that their is an agenda and some goal that needs to be achieved. Perhaps it a trip to see all the major league ball parks in a specified area - or a trip to visit another group of friends or college buddies for a weekend together to reconnect and party. Whatever the reason - it has a focus and it gets you away from the ordinary routine of life.
As we continue our journey with Jesus, we often will walk into places unfamiliar to us. It may be an actual physical location or a spiritual place. Wherever it is that God calls us towards - we can be at peace knowing that Jesus is there holding our hand - leading us out of the ordinary into His mystical presence.

Deacon Dale