Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Shirt

If you are an athlete you know what it means to be "redshirted". It is a way to join a team - to practice and workout with the team in a year of preparation before actual play on the team. In this year of the redshirt - the future team mate can bulk up - fine tune their skills and learn the team plays in preparation for the big moment when they actually enter the playing field and compete. Red is also the color of blood and many competitors in various sports will spill blood - either their own or a competitors - during the competition. It is considered part of the price that a person has to pay in order to give their best effort to winning the crown of victory. 
Like an athlete - Jesus had to compete - not with another individual - but with Satan - to win the souls of all who had died or who would die because of sin and evil. Jesus wasn't competing for a gold crown - but rather a crown of thorns. He knew He would not be lifted up on shoulders of cheering spectators - but rather on a cross. He knew that no matter how much He prepared Himself - He would spill His Precious Blood - to win the victory of life over death and sin. His clothes would be stained with blood - He would die - but in the end - be the Victor. It is through His Precious Blood that all of us have been redeemed - Jesus paid the price so that each of us may stand beside Him and wave the flag of victory over death and sin. Praise God!

Deacon Dale