Monday, April 30, 2012


I love how everyone you do business with today wants to offer you an automatic upgrade. Buying a new house - looking at 3 bedrooms - how about a "free" bonus room? All ready to sign up at the health club - pay the entire year now and get a free upgrade to 15 months instead of 12 months - no extra. Renting a standard size car - how about a free upgrade to a full size - no extra charge. No extra work - no extra anything - Enjoy your free up grade today - because tomorrow we may not be able to make the same offer.
When God revealed Himself to the Israelites and told them that He would be their God and they would be His people - He meant that they would experience the fullness of all that God is. They did not have to ask or bargain for any upgrades. They did not have to prove themselves to God first before He would give them His best - when God enters your life you get all of God - not just a part - you get all that God is - right up front - right away - no up grades needed!

Deacon Dale