Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ordinary Men

Everywhere you look in life you will see ordinary men doing ordinary things for ordinary people. It may be mowing the lawn - painting a house - building a barn - and alongside them are ordinary women doing the exact same things. As a matter of fact each of us is quite ordinary in what we say and do and in how we live our lives. Teachers - police - letter carriers - laborers - wait staff - you name it and all of them are very ordinary - as it should be. Rarely you may come across an individual who stands out from the others - but in normal communities and among normal people - we are all very ordinary.
Once in a while you will come across people who are not ordinary - Jesus was one of those people. He looked like everyone else and even had a common job as a carpenter. He walked and talked just as everyone else did. His message - however - was not ordinary. He spoke about his Heavenly Father and forgiveness and the Kingdom of God and other extra-ordinary things. Today we have among us other ordinary men doing extra ordinary things just like Jesus did. All of our ordained ministers - bishops - priests and deacons are ordinary men attempting to continue Jesus' mission on Earth. Like Jesus, they try to teach and preach about God and His love for each of us. We in turn need to support them and pray for them - the task that they have been called to do is not ordinary in any imaginable way - no what they do is extra-ordinary and that makes each of them heroes. Heroes for you and heroes for me - it is through them that God is made visible to each of us. 

Deacon Dale