Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are the glue that makes many things stick together. If you ever played with an Erector Set you understand how true this is. Each item in that toy construction set would be nothing without the nuts and bolts. All the individual parts - by themselves - are useless until you connect them together with a nut and bolt. As more nuts and bolts are added to the project more beams and parts are also added until a completed structure stands before your eyes. Whenever we are working on a project we have to always start with the nuts and bolts - with the basics that will form the base upon which we build whatever it is we wish to build. Any goal that we seek to attain cannot be imagined until we first lay down the basics and build upon those basics. Any project that we undertake requires that we start at ground level - do our research - gather the materials and people to help us - and then we start on the task of creating and building and reaching the established goal. We always start with the basics - the nuts and bolts
When Jesus set out on his mission to reveal the Word of God to the people, he had to start with the basics. He sought out people who could be of help to him - people who could share the task and then he built upon the basics. He first shared his message with his disciples - his recruits. The disciples shared that message with others and eventually with the entire world. Today you and I are called to be the nuts and bolts of Jesus' mission. We are not asked to be awesome or outstanding - nor are we asked to move mountains or heal throngs of people. Today Jesus asks you and I to do the basics - to spread the truth - to be the nuts and bolts for today.

Deacon Dale