Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Child

Have you ever heard the poem Tuesday's Child ?  The actual title was Monday's Child but for some odd reason the poem became better known under the title Tuesday's Child. In the poem it goes through the days of the week and describes different attributes of a child. It was not written to glorify children or any child in particular - the reality is that it was written as a way to remember the days of the week! According to my sources the poem was written as a way to help children remember the names and the order of the days of the week. Learn the poem and you not only learned the names of each day but also the correct order.

So on this Tuesday in Holy Week we consider the order of this special week and the events that happened this past Sunday and those coming up later in the week. We reflect on Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Sunday - we joined the Bishop on Monday as he blessed the Holy Oils - today we celebrated the Mass of Resurrection for our former director of the diaconate program for the diocese - Wednesday night we celebrate Stations as walked in the Holy Land - Thursday we celebrate the institution of the Priesthood and Holy Eucharist - Friday we commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus and then we wait - we wait in silence - we wait patiently - we wait in hope.

Deacon Dale