Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March for Babies

For the past five years my family has been involved with the March of Dimes March for Babies. This happened as a result of my grandson, Matthew, being born at 25 weeks gestation. I do not want to go into details but it was a scary trying time for his mother and father and the rest of the family. I had never seen a premature baby up until that time and even though I have over fifty years experience working in the health care field and 23 years as an ordained deacon - I had never had the chance to experience a premature birth. Since then I, and many of my family, have joined the "walk". For more information on this walk you can click this link "March for Babies". This one march is only one of many in which people ban together to walk for various charities and needs. It is heart warming to see so many people who are willing to take the time to walk many miles in an effort to raise awareness about different causes and needs. The kindness and generosity of people never fails to amaze me.
When Jesus went on a walk it was not to raise funds for a charity - it was to raise awareness about the awesome love that God has for His people. Jesus walked many rocky and sandy roads in an effort to get His message out to the people. As he traveled he was given a chance to see the kindness that people extend to a stranger as well as to experience rudeness and lack of interest. One would think that offering salvation and eternal life would interest everyone - but. many who hear the message let it slip by as easily as water pouring through the fingers. For those of us who have heard and taken His message to heart - Jesus invites us to continue our walk with Him - He will never let go of our hand!

Deacon Dale