Monday, April 23, 2012

- = +

Can't read the title?  - = minus (or less) + = add (or more) so when translated it means "less is more". How often have you heard that phrase? Probably when mom was cutting you a piece of her delicious chocolate cake and you kept urging her "bigger - bigger" and she kept trying to convenience you that should should not be a glutton and to be happy with a smaller piece and enjoy her great cooking.  Maybe it was a philosophy teacher that tried to impart a little wisdom on you to explain that cluttering your life or mind with an excess could be a burden, whereas less possessions and thoughts freed you up so that life could actually offer you more. 
Jesus is like that too. Having an abundance of earthly possessions very often takes our minds and hearts off God and onto ourselves. As we work to develop our spiritual life the first thing that we need to do is to empty ourselves of everything that is not necessary - then after emptying ourselves - we slowly add into our lives only that which is important and has true value. Jesus calls us to come to him as we are - He does the cleansing and rebuilding - we place ourselves before Him - the One - and in His time He enters our life and makes it whole.

Deacon Dale