Friday, April 20, 2012


Regifting - which is also known in some areas as regiving - is the practice of taking a gift that you received - but do not want - and giving it to another person. Perhaps it was a tie from your sister two thousand miles away who will never know that you never wore her gift tie - but instead gave it to somebody else. Some people see nothing wrong with this practice as it takes an unused or unwanted gift and places it into the hands of another who is more likely to make use of the item. Others see this practice as rude because - in a way - you are telling the person who gave you the gift - that you really didn't appreciate their act of kindness. In reality - once you receive a gift - it is yours and what you chose to do with it is your business - giving to another who can and will make use of the item makes more sense. Just because you chose to give your gift away - may actually be seen a sacrificial act and an act of charity and kindness.
When we made an adult decision to make Jesus the Lord of our life - we made a commitment that was intended for a lifetime. When we recognized the gift that God gave us in Jesus and the gift of salvation that he offered us - we were so happy that we knew that we could not keep quiet. Our lives changed and we were compelled by the Holy Spirit to take the gifts we had received and share them with anyone we met. Jesus received the Holy Spirit from His father and then gave it to us so that we in turn would pass it on to others.. Jesus - the original regifter!

Deacon Dale