Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moving On

Whenever we experience a drastic change in our life we become emotional about having to deal with and accept those changes - especially when we did not want the change to happen and we were unable to avoid that change. We fight our emotions - we try to cope - then we move on. How we move on is a test of our character and the strength of yourself. Some people cope very poorly and become emotionally stalled - unable to make decisions - unable to get to the next stage of their life. Others - although just as severely challenged - keep moving forward - as painful as it may be - and slowly cope and accept the changes in their life. Not easy - but a better way to deal with painful changes. They keep moving on - if only by baby steps - to a promising future.
When Jesus was wandering through the various villages and towns - he was often met with disapproval and derision. Not exactly what you think the Messiah would have experienced  - even in his own home town where he was rejected. But Jesus had a mission and a purpose set down by his Father and so he kept moving on. As modern day disciples - Jesus calls us to keep moving -  no matter how well we are accepted or treated. He expects us to cope well with the difficulties that we will experience - He knows that with His Holy Spirit - we can move on and succeed - because He walks with us.

Deacon Dale