Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Have you noticed that whenever you want to pack anything you almost always find out that you either have too many items to pack or not enough space. It doesn't matter if you are storing items such as Christmas decorations. old memorabilia or getting ready for a trip out of town. You always find out that you have much more than you thought you did and not enough containers to put them into or space to store them. It gets frustrating and then you either dispose of items or you stand or sit on your storage container in an effort to squeeze everything in.
Many Christians treat their faith journey much like they would a vacation trip. They see and hear so much about Jesus that they want to know everything immediately and pack that knowledge into their minds and hearts. When they realize that they have crammed too much into their lives that their faith becomes confusing they begin to lose faith in themselves as a Christian. They see it as a failure. That is when they need to stop - take a breath - and put their priorities in order. Satan is the author of confusion and worry. Turning to Jesus in prayer and asking guidance for what needs to be the first on their list is the way to solve their dilemma. Prayer is always the first place to start and the last place to stop. If your faith is confusing - go to your prayer closet and ask Jesus for help - He is there waiting for you.

Deacon Dale