Saturday, April 14, 2012


100! For those who follow this blog regularly - I wrote my 100th blog yesterday. That is a small feat for me - not that I ever doubted that I was able to write a daily article - but more that I would find the time to actually accomplish that. So this is a personal landmark - a sign to me that there is life after retirement and at my age that I can still contribute to society. My entire life and work career has always been focused on helping and serving the needs of people. It started with delivering newspapers, then caddying at the golf club, then cooking at a local restaurant chain, and finally working as a pharmacist and in pharmacy for over 50 years and at the same time serving my faith community as an ordained Catholic deacon for the last 23+ years. Although working with people can create many challenging moments - the rewards are immeasurable or as MasterCard would say "priceless".
The Master servant of all is of course Jesus Christ. The one who came to serve - not to be served. The one who worked as a carpenter - an unlikely candidate - one who never would have been picked out of a line up as the Savior of the World. An ordinary man who did very extraordinary thing - dying on the Cross - for you and me. I have written 100 blog entries in electronic characters - Jesus wrote His story in Blood.  I have loved my family and friends - Jesus loves the World. His is a record - a testimony that no Landmark can ever surpass. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Deacon Dale