Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strike Three!

Any baseball or softball fan knows those ominous words - strike three! - you are out! If you are the team at bat you really hate hearing those words - especially if it means you just scored the third out in the inning. Worse yet is when it happens during the 9th or final inning. Then again - if you are on the opposite team - those words could be music to your ears - strike three - you win! Those words primarily belong on the playing field - but very often the reference of three strikes and you are out -  translates to some kind of failure in other venues. It could be another sport or at work or even in personal relationships. It is not unusual to have friends use that phrase when involved in social events - especially when trying to meet new people - especially those of the opposite sex.  Strike three - immediate failure - the game is over.
Luckily for those who are busy working on developing a better relationship with God - they will never hear those words. It is very encouraging to know that no matter how many times we fall short of our expectations  - God watches - smiles - and says - nice try. It might be developing a better prayer life - or improving our attendance at weekly services - or trying to develop a better spiritual life. God is always  there - always encouraging - always patient  - it is we who judge ourselves as failures - God - on the other hand knows that each of us is a work in progress.

Deacon Dale