Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comfy Shoes

"No foot - no horse" is an old saying that I heard quite often years ago when we had horses and ponies around our ranch. What it meant was that you were a sorry rancher if you did not take the time to properly care for your horses and other animals entrusted to your care. Just like brushing your dog's or cat's fur to remove whatever they might have gotten into - it was imperative that to have a healthy happy horse you had to spend the money and hire a farrier to properly trim and shoe your horse - if they wore shoes. A lame horse was useless - you could not ride them or work them. The same goes for people - no foot - no mom (or dad) or whomever. Foot health is very important to people so they may remain active and healthy. Most of us ignore our feet. Sure we wash them and dry between the toes - but that is where most people stop. Women in particular are guilty of squeezing their feet into shoes that are too small or narrow in the name of fashion. Some men also do this but for whatever reason it seems to be more of a female issue.  
When going on a pilgrimage or any long walking trip it is imperative that you wear comfy shoes or sandals. Failing to do so means paying the price with hot blistered feet and being unable to enjoy the remaining walking part of the journey. We need our feet to get to important places. Jesus instructed his disciples to travel light - not taking extra tunics or sandals - but he did expect them to have one pair to wear - obviously walking through the desert without something on your feet would not be the smartest thing to do. Walking on sand is fine - but there are always little rocks hidden in the sand and that would hurt. Our journey through life is like walking in sand with those hidden rocks. All is fine until we stumble - we fall - we fail - we sin - but Jesus is always there - helping us get up and setting us back on the path. Today when you walk as a modern day disciple - wear comfy shoes.

Deacon Dale