Monday, May 21, 2012


It is interesting to note how people say grace - the prayer before eating - both in the style and words that are used.  From the childish "Rub a dub dub - thanks for the grub - yeah God" to the more official "Bless us O, Lord and these thy gifts..." and everything in between. From the funny to the very serious - from the young and the old - the irreverent to the pious - people find countless ways to thank God for their daily blessings of food - fellowship - family and friends. Taking the time to say grace prior to any meal is heart warming.
Jesus - like us - gave thanks to God for blessings and asked His father's blessing upon meals He shared with others. However - unlike us - He is the One who gives us His Grace. To God grace is a lot more than a type of prayer. Grace is His special presence with us. Whenever we celebrate a sacrament with Him - we receive His awesome Grace. It is His Grace that gives us the strength to do  the things that He asks us to do. It is His Grace that helps us to endure hard times. It is His Grace that gives us the patience to deal with issues. It is His Grace that feeds us with the Holy Spirit.

Deacon Dale