Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

What a beautiful day to celebrate Mothers Day. Sunshine - warm weather - slight wind - great time to be outdoors - family gatherings - cookouts - games - fellowship - fun. All the ingredients for a very special day - a day to celebrate mothers and all they have done for us. Yes - we are blessed but not just in the day - but also in our mothers. We celebrate and thank God for these dedicated women who gave us birth - who nurtured us - educated us - loved us - and soothed all our ills. On this day we appreciate all those women who we often tend to take for granted. Thank you mom for all you have done for us!
On this second Sunday of May we also celebrate the annual May Crowning - when we took the time prior to Holy Mass to honor and crown Saint Mary - the role model for all mothers. On this day we paused to give special reverence to  the mother of our Lord, Jesus - to Mary the mother of all. Like our own mother - Mary is the Lady to whom we can turn in times of need. We offer prayers to her - who in turn offers them to the Lord for us. On this day we honor the mother of our best friend - Jesus.

Deacon Dale