Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Open Pit

Besides being the name of a barbecue sauce - "open pit" also refers to a type of method of mining. In that process you mine from the top down and in the process create an open pit. Most people would be fairly familiar with the barbecue sauce - having used it on food grilled in their back yards or on the deck. The sauce imparts a special flavor that enhances the taste of grilled meats. Tangy and spicy - it adds zest to the food.
A third type of open pit - is the kind that one may possibly fall into if led down the wrong path of life. Being distracted by life's many challenges - or being led astray by things that tempt our earthly desires - may and often does cause people to fall into sin. Best intentions put aside - the mind can become a worthy opponent - if allowed to wander in the ripe pastures of sin. It is up to each of us - as mature Christians - to recognize when we are allowing ourselves to get too close to the edge of that pit - and having the strength and determination to stop ourselves from giving into these temptations. When Jesus wandered in the desert - He was tempted by the Devil -  and was able to defeat him - the prince of lies. For us - it is harder - but as long as we have Christ at our side and in our heart and on our mind - we will be kept clear from that open pit.

Deacon Dale