Thursday, May 3, 2012

Making Memories

Now that the weather is finally warming up, many people are heading for the outside to enjoy the spring - either by working in the yard or garden - or participating in spring activities such as biking, running and golf - or in my case - bocce. As they participate in these annual rituals and rites of spring - many will be using their cameras and phones to capture photographic evidence of their involvement in these activities and recording their successes. My wife just posted photos on Facebook showing off the beginning of her annual work in the gardens. All these activities and the photos that we take - help in creating memories that we can and will share with others. In the sharing of these memories we stay connected with others - even when we cannot be physically close.
When we were baptized as infants and young children - our parents started us on the path of creating spiritual memories. Our first communions - helping at Mass as servers and lectors - assisting  as ushers - our confirmations and weddings and ordinations - all  these were recorded with cameras and videos and given a place in our memories and those of our families. Each and everyone of these events was overseen by God - approved by God and written in His Heart. Today it is our turn as we continue to grow spiritually to remember all those times when God was so near to us - it is our turn to appreciate their importance - it is our turn to write these special moments with God in our hearts.

Deacon Dale