Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mouths Wide Open

Oh My! - No Way! - WOW!  Exclamations such as these always leave you with your mouth wide open. It has to be almost impossible to utter such a phrase and keep your lips closed tightly. Exciting news - exciting results - exciting events - always leave the viewer with mouth agasp and wide open. It is a natural reaction to a special situation. Perhaps you witnessed a terrible tragedy or a spectacular moment at a sporting event - when you witness something like this - you have to just stand there with your mouth wide open - it is only natural.
This weekend began a stream of many churches celebrating First Communion. This will continue for the next few weeks as more and more churches celebrate this annual Rite of giving Holy Communion to their youngest members. These children will approach the altar - with hands folded - eyes wide open - hearts filled with expectation - waiting for those special words "The Body of Christ" and "The Blood of Christ". As they respond "Amen" - their mouths will open wide as they commune for the first time. An experience to behold - for all involved - the youth - the parents and families - the ministers - for all in attendance. What a Miracle - what a moment - receiving Jesus for the first time - with mouths wide open!

Deacon Dale