Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grooving To The Oldies

There is nothing like sitting around and listening to old favorites from your youth. Depending on your age - your favorites might be different from my favorites. Each generation will naturally develop its own set or list of oldies. It is interesting that music from the 50s and 60s seem to be popular to almost all age groups. A little Elvis - he is still alive isn't he - or the Beatles - they will never die - draws people of all ages together. Of course there are other groups that fit into this category - I will leave you up to create your own list of favorite oldies. I find it interesting - especially at weddings - that there is no age discrimination when the "good" music starts and almost everyone starts dancing - everyone joins in on the same songs no matter what the age.
Religious music seems to fall into that latter category. Some songs and tunes just never grow old. "Amazing Grace", "Rock of Ages", "Awesome God" never seems to lose their appeal. People today warm up to those songs as readily as they did when they were first sung. Amazing Grace in 1779,  Rock of Ages in 1775, and Awesome God in 1988. Unlike the first set of oldies mentioned which appeal to the ear  the second set of oldies appeal more to the heart and soul of the individual - just as Jesus appeals to our inner soul and and brings us peace and comfort.

Deacon Dale