Wednesday, May 16, 2012


PRN is an acronym that stands for "pro re nata" which is Latin and means "as needed". The most common use of  this acronym is in medical use by doctors, nurses and pharmacists. When a doctor or nurse uses the term it is intended to signify that the treatment or order is to be used as the need arises. When a pharmacist sees this written on a prescription order it either means that the medication is to be taken or used as the need arises - or it may be written to indicate that the prescription order may be refilled as the need arises. Our lives are filled with acronyms and this is one lone example of the multitude of abbreviations in our lives.
Jesus had his own form of easy speak - otherwise know as parables. He used this literary device to make truths easier to comprehend. When Jesus spoke to his disciples - he was attempting to inform them so they would be prepared to carry on his mission after he was gone. His parables and words have been passed down to us so that we may do the same. Today - as then - Jesus asks us to teach - to share - to inform - PRN - as the need arises. Praying that the need does arise every day!

Deacon Dale