Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doing The Math

Now that we have moved into a global world with easy access to almost everything international one common issue that many people face is the conversion between different systems of weight and measures. How does one easily convert inches to centimeters - miles to kilometers - pounds to kilograms and so on? For those with a scientific background those should be easy conversions. For the rest - conversion charts exist that make this simple. What about changing money from one country to another - US Dollars to Euros - or to Polish Zloty - or to Great Britain Pounds. Again using formulas developed to make these conversions is actually very easy to find those answers.
When a person has experienced a change of heart and is moving from a life of unbelief to belief or who has been uneducated about religious matters and then has a spiritual experience - they go through a conversion of their mind and heart. There are no special formulas that have to be applied here - conversion - or turning their minds and hearts to a new vision that includes God is left completely up to God. He alone works in that person's life to make them see Him - the One who loves them in new light. As a lifelong Christian - I see this a God's job - nothing for us to do but rejoice in the one who now sees God in new light. We do nothing - God does it all - nothing for us to worry about - do the math.

Deacon Dale