Monday, May 14, 2012


The Global Positioning System or GPS is a space based satellite navigation system. It provides location and time information in any kind of weather on or near Earth. The United States government maintains the system. Original development started in 1973 and became fully operational in 1994. Today many people - besides the government - use devices that rely on the GPS system. The most obvious are Garmin and TomTom navigation systems in automobiles. The next most common use is in cellular technology. If you use a cell phone then you are using GPS even if you did not know it. With this technology it is very easy for anyone to follow your every movement.
Just as those with GPS can track you so can God. Of course He does not need technology to let Him know where you are or what you are doing. God knows each of us so well that He has counted the hairs on our heads and can read things kept hidden in our hearts. Since He already knows us so well - it makes sense that we should know Him just as  well. The best way is through prayer - the only to way ever really know anyone is by having open communication with them. As you know your friends better and better through constant communication - so can you know God. Why not start today - give God a call - He is waiting.

Deacon Dale