Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Real Thing

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "The Real Thing"? I'll bet if you clicked the hot link you were not surprised to end up at the Coca-Cola web site. Perhaps better yet would have been a link to "the real thing" - as viewed in the review of the new Muppet movie. It just goes to prove that across the ages many various things have been promoted and touted as the real thing. You have to wonder what qualifies a product or subject as the real thing. In order to do this you have to establish ground rules - then narrow down to what sort of item or subject that you wish to determine is truly the real thing. As shown above - the real thing - can be anything and everything - depending on your personal view and taste.
When it comes to religion there is no question when we refer to "the real thing" - for Christians Jesus is the real thing - throughout all ages. He isn't just the real thing today - but has always been and will always be - the real thing. We can rely on the truths of His Gospel - we can trust that He has been and always will be there - waiting to help us - waiting to guide us - waiting to lead us - to the real thing - to salvation.

Deacon Dale