Friday, May 11, 2012


Tonight we celebrated the sacrament of confirmation for eighty-four eight graders.The Mass went well with no glitches. The Bishop's homily was was right on target and everything went well. What effect all this had on those who were confirmed has yet to be seen. Those of us in ministry will have to wait and see how all this develops and develop it will.
Confirmation is awesome from the point that young adults finally - after all these years - get to make their own decision about committing themselves to a life of faith. Some will be very diligent for the rest of their lives - many will drift away since they see confirmation as a sort of graduation away from religious education. On the contrary - it is a point of transition where they - not their parents - become responsible for nurturing their spiritual life. With the help and patience of a loving God all will eventually work out - in the meantime - those of us who stand besides them are called to encourage them to stay with the task - the task of being a true Christian. 

Deacon Dale