Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Everything I know has a timeline. It is a list of events that follows a chronological order. Sometimes the timeline is historical - an event in the past and a timeline traveling backwards explaining the events that preceded it - in order to explain how it got to the point that you are studying. Other timelines are futuristic - a list of events that have yet to happen - and if and when they do occur - will result in a future event. Most project managers work with a timeline - a plan of events that have to be completed for the project to reach its final completion. In business - in personal lives - in almost everything we do - we work with a timeline. 
When God created the world - He had a plan and a timeline. A time for Him to reveal Himself to His chosen people - time for those people to accept Him - time for them to challenge - to pull away - time to regroup and regather. Today God is still working with a timeline - your personal timeline. He knows where He wants you to be - and He waits patiently for you to move to that point. Perhaps you are challenging Him - perhaps you are in the process of walking away from Him - maybe you are moving closer to Him - or maybe no where - the great news is that God has all the time in the World and He waits for you - in your time.

Deacon Dale