Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reading Obituaries

Today I heard a conversation on the radio about reading obituaries. It seems that there are a fair number of people who make it a habit of reading the daily obituaries. Aside from those who are checking to be sure a friend or relative has not died - there are others who read the obituaries out of curiosity - curiosity about ordinary people and the extra-ordinary events that were deemed important enough to be included in the death notice. The conversation continued as the radio personalities discussed how they were impressed with the number of people who lived apparently quiet ordinary lives - but - as recorded in the obituary - had done many out of the ordinary things in their lives. Feats long forgotten by others - in the armed services - unknown careers - unusual hobbies - and even just the sheer number of hobbies and interests that some people had done during their lifetime. It just goes to show you that unless you read the written word or story - the movie (or live) version never reveals all there is to know about a person.
The most famous obituary ever written is contained in four official books and numerous others that were not accepted as official documents. I refer to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - and the obscure Gospel of Thomas. In all those books the life story of Jesus has been written - in differing but similar ways - to validate each other and to reveal slightly minor differences known only to each author. Like obituaries of ordinary people - Jesus' obituary is one amazing story after another - filled with miracles and life changing events that touched all. This obituary has stood the test of time and even today touches the hearts and minds of people - even though it is over two thousand years old! If you have not read the story of Jesus' life you need to do so today - and let it touch your heart.

Deacon Dale