Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Detours are a matter of fact - they happen more often than we like and they always disrupt our plans. Any disruption in our plans or schedules may be classified as a detour. We start one project only to be interrupted by another person who begs us to stop what we are doing and help them with their project - we detour from our project to theirs. Or perhaps we are driving our vehicle and we come upon road construction that forces us to detour and take an alternate route. Whatever the disruption - we are forced to analyze the situation and make a change.
Many people who have good intentions of becoming serious with their faith often face detours - other more attractive options are placed before them which lures them away from the truth and light to the false and dark side of life. Luckily for them Jesus is always there - waiting for them - offering them another option. If you are one of those who have been experiencing one detour after another in your life - then it is time that you accept Jesus' offer and make one final detour into His loving arms.

Deacon Dale