Friday, May 25, 2012


A fairly recent improvement in the tourism business is the addition of "hop on - hop off" bus services. Around the world - in major cities - you are able to pay a fee for twenty-fours of unlimited access to this special bus service. The standard format is a group of buses that travel a specified route to show tourists the highlighted attractions in that city. The open air double decker bus provide either a live or a recorded message that describes the attraction in detail - in multiple languages. I have used this type of bus in many of my travels and in Italy - Warsaw - United Kingdom and other countries have enjoyed this service. The best part is that you may chose to "hop off" at any of the designated stops - walk around for awhile - then "hop on" later at either the same stop or any other stop along the route. You receive the benefit of mass transportation prices and convenience offered by private couriers. Ride with the crowd - or go alone - your choice - at your whim - an easy way to see a city.
When God gave us the gift of free will - He blessed us with a similar opportunity - like the bus service above - we can be with Him or apart from Him at our heart's desire. Feeling good - hop on the "Jesus bus" - shamed of doing something bad - hop off the "Jesus bus" - it is up to each of us to make that decision - and make that decision we do - all too often. Better that we make the correct decision once and then commit to it for our lifetime. To experience God's presence in our life we need to "hop on" and stay on!

Deacon Dale