Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whine or Wine?

Do you know people who are constantly complaining and making mountains out of mole hills? It is usually one thing after another - their health - their job - their finances - their family - their love life - their golf game - whatever. It becomes a problem when everything they view is seen in the negative. A common response to their constant whining and complaining is "would you like a little cheese with that whine?" Personally I prefer the other kind of wine - the red liquid that you drink with dinner. 
Saint Paul told Timothy to stop drinking only water and to drink red wine for his stomach (1 Timothy 5:23) - my cardiologist told me to drink red wine for my heart and cholesterol. Good advice on both parts - the wine has helped my numbers improve and my doctors are happy with the results. Jesus calls each of us to be "new wine" to be evangelists - to spread His message of love. Listen to Saint Paul and Jesus and be wine for others!

Deacon Dale