Sunday, April 26, 2020

Back To The Future?

So many people - during the Coronavirus pandemic - praying to go back - to the way it was - unhappy with the world right now.  For myself - praying that we do not go back - restart a world that was broken - not working - unfair practices - too much negativity - too many rich - too many poor - too many hungry - struggling to exist.  With so much money in so few hands - wealth most cannot imagine - standing next to personal warehouses filled with all sorts of toys - collections - millions of dollars of things - benefiting no one.  Empty buildings that could house the homeless - people starving while food products go to waste - sitting on shipping docks - rotting.  Human beings deprived of water - not just clean water - no water at all - villages with no electricity - while millions of homes run enough electricity through their meters that could power a village.  I pray that we don't go back to a normal that was broken - did not work.  There must be a better future - for all - as we rebuild our world.
While they were walking on their way to Emmaus - two disciples talking about the Resurrection Event - encounter Jesus - not recognizing Him at first.  As they walked together - their eyes opened - finally - understood everything Jesus had told them.  Jesus disappeared - they turned - back to where they had been.  Sharing the joy - news - new knowledge gained from that short time with Jesus.  From that meeting - a new normal - not going back - rather forward - knowledge gained - guiding future events - benefiting all.  It is true - once you encounter Jesus - you cannot continue to walk the same path - your journey changed - now heading in a new direction.  With faith we walk with Jesus - God at our side - as we move now to a new - better - normal.

Deacon Dale