Thursday, April 2, 2020

Rock Of Ages

When we were little kids there would be occasions when an argument would break out between each other.  As in any argument - disagreement - the first tools of battle - words - words carelessly thrown about like balls - sticks - stones.  When words were not enough - actual sticks - stones - whatever was nearby.  Many of us remember the mantra - sticks and stones may break my bones - words will never hurt me - a taunt that physical objects could inflict pain - but words were just words - not fatal in a fight.  So it is as adults that fights start with - words - arguing one point against another - a debate - in most cases a verbal conflict - frequently settled through negotiation - discussion - peaceful resolution.  In those rare moments when peaceful resolution not attained - the argument escalates.  Once escalated - the conflict may become physical - hand to hand combat - worse case scenario - actual battle - war.  Never a winner in war - losses rarely justify the win - peaceful resolution preferred. 

Jesus was frequently the object of anger - those in power - afraid that He would take their power - control - away from them.  In today's Gospel Jesus - once again - in a dispute with some leaders - losing a debate about Abraham - in frustration picking up stones to throw at Him.  Makes one think - for over two thousand years we have not progressed  beyond throwing stones at each other. In this period of Lent we need to reflect - contemplate - those things that caused us to become angry - throw rocks at others.  If recent - now a good time to reconcile - if an old conflict - never too late to say sorry - resolve old conflicts - use those stones to build - rebuild relationships - with family - friends - God.  

Deacon Dale