Saturday, April 4, 2020

Who's God?

It is not unusual for people to argue who God belongs to - as if He is some sort of possession.  Is He a Catholic God - Protestant God - Jewish God - who can claim Him as their god?  In truth He is everyone's God.  This is made very clear in Ezekiel when He says "I will be their God, and they shall be my people".  When He said that - the Christian Church had not even been started.  That was spoken to our ancestors - the people of God who would much later come to recognize Jesus as the Son of God - the Lord of Lords.

As a Christian it is so important that you do not worry about claims by some people that they have exclusive rights to God.  We know - without a doubt - He is our God - Jesus Our Savior.  As we look forward to Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem with Sunday's celebration of Palm Sunday - we rejoice that we are privileged to stand on the wayside - to wave palms - with all the others - who claim Jesus as their Lord.   He is my God - I belong to Him - who do you belong to?  Jesus We Trust In You..........

Deacon Dale