Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Moving On

The phrase - rolling stones - gather no moss - very applicable right now - spiritually - morally.  We have just experienced a very unusual Lent - Triduum - Easter - sheltering in place - staying at home - in isolation.  For the lucky ones - with spouse - family - those alone - definitely more isolated.  We have come to realize that in this period of pandemic - we need each other.  When we first discovered God - Jesus - wandered on our own - joined a group - parish - community - we began to grow - with the help from others.  We learned that our faith journey was never in total isolation - God placing the right people along the path - to guide - inspire us.  With the help of others - God revealed His Truth - Love - to us.

Once you meet Jesus - you can not continue to walk the same path - your eyes set on new directions - avenues - to walk as you continue your growth as a disciple. The same with this pandemic - so much revealed - inadequate health facilities - unfair employment practices - unjust benefits provided by employers - government - lack of housing for those unable to provide for themselves.  Jesus told us 2000 years ago - the poor will always be with us - does not explain why - after 2000 years - nations still have not found a way to address - poverty - adequate housing - feeding - clothing those poor.  I recently read that in one part of the world - the people take mud - formed into patties - baked on the ground in the sun - eaten to fill the stomachs of those without food. As Christians - as people of God - now is the time to make changes.  Returning to what was the norm - no longer an option - now the time to make drastic changes - to correct these social ills.  As we work to do this - we will also grow in our relationship with Jesus - doing as He asked - feed His sheep - love His sheep - care for His people.  The time to act is now - not later - rolling stones - we the rocks of faith - gathering no moss - as we move forward - into His future. 

Deacon Dale