Thursday, April 9, 2020

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday - the first day of the Triduum - the three holiest days of the Christian year.  No morning Masses today - the only Mass tonight.  We normally wash feet at this Mass - not tonight - all Masses online only - minimal people involved - we do listen to God's word - we commemorate the institution of the Priesthood and Eucharist - things definitely worth celebrating.  Normally - the Blessed Sacrament removed to a place of Adoration - while the altar and tabernacle stripped bare. The Mass - ending in silence - awaiting the events of tomorrow - Good Friday.  Not a lot to say - Jesus has said it all.

Our focus - our relationship to Jesus - God - what we are called to do - what we have done - failed to do.  Have we washed feet - carried a burden for another - offered a drink to the thirsty - given money to the poor.  Have we made an intentional donation to a food pantry - care center - resource center for those in need.  In these days of isolation - sheltering at home - have we called - parents - siblings - friends - anyone - have we accepted - with Grace - our difficulties - thought about those who cannot care for themselves.  These are the three Holy Days - it is up to each of us - to make them - Holy.

Deacon Dale