Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Down Not Out

Right now the entire world is fighting a battle with an enemy that cannot be seen.  When most people are called to fight - arm themselves - prepare for battle - they know what their enemy looks like - where they live - their strong points - weaknesses.  This battle - not like any normal battle. As big - as strong as we may be - nothing to compare when fighting microscopic enemies.  Our strength - our knowledge - our intellect - our faith.
Throughout history - many battles fought - won - lost - by people all over the world.  Some large - some very small.  In all battles - always a winner.  This current battle with Corona Virus - not our first - not our last.  We may be down - feeling subdued - not out.   We have not lost - we will not lose.  In all battles - time determines the final winner.  A few days left in Lent - our 40 days in the desert drawing to a close.  When Jesus was ready to leave the desert - His battle with the Evil One - never gave up - walked away - to fight another day.  Like Jesus - we too will walk away from this battle - like Jesus - victorious - as long as we remember - with Jesus at our side - we may be down - not out.