Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday

What is so good about Good Friday?  In ancient times when our vocabulary was very different - people used the word good to mean someone - something - that was holy.  The two words were interchangeable back then.  As time passed - cultures evolved - language changed - that connection has been lost - except in this particular case.  This Friday - definitely a holy day - time stands still - churches empty - the faithful - isolated in their homes - deprived of religious observances.  This is a memory that will not fade - just as the memory of the crucifixion of Jesus does not fade. 
Today in our own way - we remember that eventful day when Christ was crucified - not for His sins - rather for ours.  Our sins are the metal that held Him to the wood of the cross.  Our sins - the reason He came in the first place.  Our sins - that keep Him nailed there - even today.  Today is the one day - we reflect on what we have done - what we have failed to do - what God did for us.  His Gift to us - forgiveness - reconciliation - resurrection.  Our gift to Him.........?

Deacon Dale