Sunday, April 19, 2020

My Lord And My God

It wasn't until doubting Thomas saw Jesus after His Resurrection - placed his fingers in His wounds - exclaimed - My Lord and My God.  According to Scripture this happened a week after His resurrection - after the other disciples had already seen the Risen Lord.  If we count time in a similar vein - this Sunday - the Second Sunday of Easter - the same time - 2000 years later - one week after Easter Sunday.  Very often we do not make the same connection to God - the timeline with Jesus - until we stop and consider what the scriptures are telling us.  It is no wonder then that Saint John Paul II - designated this Sunday - Divine Mercy Sunday.

For many this is a history lesson - to be digested - studied - debated over.  For those of Faith - a very significant day - another day when Jesus revealed Himself to His disciples - today to modern day Christians - a reminder of God's Mercy - Love - Hope.  This Sunday - Divine Mercy Sunday - we praise God that He is truly merciful - a day when our hearts - minds - souls - touch the Divine

Deacon Dale