Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Immersion Therapy

When we think of immersion therapy - a psychological technique which allows a patient to overcome fears - phobias - can also be used for anxiety and panic disorders.  Very often when we realize that we have a fear of something - better to immerse ourselves in study - learning all we can about what we  fear.  Once we know our enemy better - the easier it is to fight that enemy.  It is said that knowledge is power - proven to be true over and over again.  More information places additional tools in our storehouse - to help us battle what we fear. 

When we learn that even with a full tool box - many issues - impossible to battle on our own.  That is when we call on God - His Son - Jesus - to help us.  Our first - most important tool - connecting with God.  Once connected we see the various tools at our disposal - relaxed breathing - calming - prayer - meditation - contemplation - compassion - service.  As we learn about these tools - as we immerse ourselves in the knowledge - given by God - study the teachings of Jesus - we become better prepared to cope with life - all that life throws at us.  Immersed in the knowledge - God always with us - we stand armed to fight any battle we may face.

Deacon Dale