Thursday, April 16, 2020


In today's first reading we heard about the crippled man who was healed by God in response to prayers offered by Peter.  In that scripture we can see ourselves - our current situation - as we wait - in prayer - looking for answers - response from God.  We pray for those on the front line - those most at risk - those closest to anyone hospitalized.  As people of faith - we know that the majority will live through this pandemic.  As people recover - as fewer experience symptoms - as the number declines - life will return back to the way it was - hopefully better prepared for the next crisis.  As we move forwards - our prayer is that those in control will make better efforts to be better prepared so that this crisis does not ever repeat itself.  There is no way anyone can reasonably predict the next crisis - what that crisis may be - building up storehouses of critical supplies for different scenarios - definitely possible.

Walking with Jesus at our side as we journey through life - we pray - contemplate our personal future.  As committed Christians it is important that each of us build our own storehouses - filled with our own prayers - acts of kindness - charitable deeds - concern for others.  God has given us the space - tools needed.  Our hearts -minds - contain so much space for us to fill - never reaching capacity - God always giving us exactly what we need - when we need it.  Today - as this world begins to heal itself - we seek wholeness in our own lives - discarding anything in our life that is not of the Lord - creating space for our personal storehouse.

Deacon Dale