Friday, April 3, 2020

Tending The Garden

Almost everyone who has a home has some sort of garden to manage.  It might be shrubs - flowers - winding their way around the house - perhaps decorative trees to provide shade.  Those with enough property - often have a separate garden set to the side in which they grow whatever their hearts desire.  Flowers - herbs - vegetables - pretty plants to admire - food to eat.  Whichever garden is planted - needs attention if it will become the garden of one's dream.  Tilling - weeding - fertilizing - irrigating - combined together - insures a fruitful yield.

During Lent we are asked to look at the garden of our lives - what grows in our minds - hearts - what needs attention - what is doing well.  Spending time in prayer - contemplating those things that need work - seeking answers to self improvement.  For those of faith - an easier job than for those with no faith.  With faith - Jesus stands at one's side - guiding - urging - helping to first recognize - then fix what may be needing improvement.  His love is the ground that your faith is planted in - His Holy Spirit - the water that rains down from heaven to nurture the seeds of faith - planted in His love.  As this time of Lent comes to an end - the time to harvest - those seeds planted - now a full grown crop - very near.  A few days more - harvest time.  Now is the time to finish this task - prepare to meet Jesus - face to face at Easter

Deacon Dale