Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Warriors and Heroes

When we think of warriors and heroes who come into our minds - Saint George - King Richard I - Batman - Robin - Superman - Wonder Woman - Spider Man - Captain America?  A few years ago high school students were asked to list their super heroes - people they most wanted to grow up to be.  A small percent listed Michael Jordan of basketball fame - the majority - their parents - mothers - fathers - ordinary people - doing ordinary things.  They were teachers - lawyers - doctors - pharmacists - accountants - writers - motivational speakers - truck drivers - construction workers - police officers - fire fighters - stay at home moms and dads - employed by giant corporations - self employed - sole proprietors.  Most doing what is perceived as very ordinary jobs - not out of the ordinary.  Today - battling this unseen enemy - the Coronavirus - so small that only Ant Man might be able to see face to face - all are warriors fighting united in this battle that is threatening to claim too many lives.  Those who fight - warriors - those who follow official recommendations - sheltering in place - staying home - today's heroes.  One does not have to be on the front line in this battle - those staying at home - making it easier for our front line warriors to do their jobs - heroes.

Fighting the Coronavirus - a battle that will be short lived - in time - an all clear message will be sent - people allowed to leave home - return to work.  The one constant battle - ongoing since the beginning of time - battle of good against evil.  Those who fight against this enemy - both warrior - hero.  The struggle very real - not recognized by many - ignored by some - always on the minds of the Faithful.  As Christians our battle is not against municipalities - governments - the true battle is against - The King of Liars - the One who deceives - disrupts - causes division - creates - chaos.   Chaos - is not of the Lord -  (1 Corinthians 14:33) - He The Lord of Lords - The Prince of Peace - is the One who journeys with all of us - as we fight all the battles of life.

Deacon Dale