Saturday, April 11, 2020

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday - the third day of the Triduum - this day spent in prayer - mourning the death of Jesus - lying in a tomb - His disciples left confused - trying to understand the events of the past three days.  Today - we who commemorate these events - know how it all turned out.  Now in modern times - we also wait - not for  the resurrection - the end of the current pandemic.  Had the internet existed at the time of Jesus - the entire world would have been in mourning - as it was - a handful of those closest to Him.  Instead we took our Easter baskets - to be blessed for our Easter Sunday celebrations - done at home by ourselves - for some - online.  This evening - the Easter Vigil - online - very few allowed to actually be in Church.  The Vigil goes on - people or not - just as Easter will come - people in church or not.  In faith - this is the final night of waiting.

The third day - many confuse Easter Sunday as the third day.  Jesus said - destroy this temple and on the third day it will rise.  In the time of Jesus - days counted from sunset to sunset.  Thursday - The Last Supper - Day 1 - Friday - The Crucifixion - Day 2 - Saturday - Day 3 - The Resurrection - The Triduum.  Easter Sunday - Day 4 - the people learn of the Resurrection.  Tonight - final preparation for Sunday's celebration.

Deacon Dale