Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are You A Prophet?

Have you ever considered yourself a prophet?  No?  Yes?  It might seem a bit audacious for anyone to actually consider that they could be considered a prophet.  After all - you have to be an extremely holy person to make such a claim don't you?  Or maybe not.  If we think about the prophets in the Bible the majority of them did not want to be a prophet - a mouth piece for the Lord.  Many argued with God when He told them that He had selected  them for this special task.

The duty of a prophet is to give audible voice to God's words.  In the Bible a prophet often warned people of a future action of God or remanded them for something they were not doing properly. It is sort of like your mother warning you that if you don't complete a task that your father has instructed you to do, that you would suffer the consequences when he came back home.  Better do it or you will pay the price. 

Each of us has heard the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus - each of us had been instructed in its meaning - each of us has been well versed in our a Christian.  Like John the Baptist the scripture does pertain to us - "You my child shall be called the prophet of the Most High for you will go before the Lord to prepare His way.." Luke 1:76.  

Are you a prophet - you better be!

Deacon Dale